Residential & Commercial Soft and Hardscape Design

 What is the key to great landscaping?

Your home’s landscaping is the focal point of its exterior.
The (soft) living elements and the (hard) construction and stone elements, work together. The key to great home and landscape design is understanding and balancing soft and hard landscaping!

What is the difference between Hardscaping and Softscaping?

Hardscape refers to the hard materials in your yard, such as concrete, bricks, and stone. Softscape refers to living, growing things such as perennial flowers, shrubs, succulents, and trees.

These two are highly used in residential and commercial places and as said previously, a well-designed landscape should incorporate a balance of these two elements.

What is the significance of balancing between hardscape and softscape?

Balancing hard and soft landscaping is important for a variety of reasons, and it should be addressed during landscape design, this reasons include:

  1. Aesthetic outlook:
    Extreme views include a wild yard and a backyard completely covered in stonework. It is essential to figure out where you want to balance hardscaping structure with the natural beauty of softscaping, since these two work together!
  2. Availability Of water and maintenance:
    A combination of outdoor seating, walkways, and water designs can create a pleasing visual effect and enhance the beauty of the environment.
  3. Plan the usage of the outdoor space!
    One of the most important factors is how you use your space is creating a large green area that provides a safe haven for children and pets in the backyard.

The most important work in balancing your landscape’s hard and soft parts is done during the project’s design phase.

We are landscape design professionals at Hermitage, and we use traditional walkthroughs and sketches in addition to powerful 3D modeling software. Rely to us whenever you want to get started on your next project!


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