Outdoor Spaces Lighting Design

What does outdoor space lighting refer to?

Landscape lighting is an outdoor lighting system used in public or private spaces for the purposes of safety, security, nighttime aesthetics, event applications, and recreation. And conventional power is an important source of energy for landscape lighting in this matter.

What are the benefits of installing outdoor lightning designs?

  1. Improve home security and safety:
    Exterior residential lighting serves more than just aesthetic purposes. Installing motion detectors and landscape lighting is an excellent addition to any security strategy.
  2. Aesthetics and beauty are often overlooked:
    Proper lighting also enhances the beauty of your home’s architectural features while assisting visitors in safely traversing your property.

How much would the installation of an outdoor lighting would really cost?

Well, There is no specific answer to how much landscape lighting costs because it is entirely dependent on the nature and scope of your project. If you’re only looking to add a little lighting to your patio or decked area, you’ll be working in a much smaller space, which may mean the installation will be relatively simple. To achieve the desired effect, only a few lights are required.

Hermitage’s team is your one-stop shop for professional landscape lighting. There will be no multiple trips to the hardware store for you. You get to have the most fun:browsing our catalogs to find the lighting that matches your style. We handle everything else, including design, planning, and installation.

Work with us to find the ideal combination of styles, materials, voltage, and placement to illuminate your home with stunning lighting that you will enjoy for years to come!


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