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What does living green walls mean?

Living walls, also known as green walls or vertical gardens, are indoor and outdoor structures that contain plants or greenery. Their most common application is for aesthetic purposes, as well as to create a more stimulating and comfortable environment within workplaces.

What are the available types of installing green walls?
  1. Wall climbing:
    Wall climbing green walls are extremely appealing to the eye and are, without a doubt, the most natural and most common type. Wall climbing plants gradually climb the walls of a building, giving it a greener appearance.
  2. Hanging wall planters:
    The hanging living wall is another well-known example of a green wall. Designers prefer this type because it can easily form a vertical garden; like curtains around buildings. There are more options for this type of green wall because it does not require as much support as a wall climbing living wall.

What are the advantages of Living green walls and dividers?

1. Enhancing air quality:
Installing living walls can significantly improve air quality, because plants are well-known natural air purifiers, it could be a step toward winning the war on a global issue that is one of the greatest health risks of our generation.

  2. Credentials for sustainable development:
Living walls are visually appealing, which is why they are frequently used in marketing. To differentiate themselves from their competitors, many high-end hotels and restaurants install green walls. This is a fantastic way to present a brand with a more sustainable and environmentally friendly image. Green walls are also thought to increase the value of a home a lot.

  3. Noise and temperature are reduced by living walls:
As you are already aware of, the capabilities of living walls extend beyond their use as an aesthetically pleasing design trend. Trees are used to reduce heat and noise, particularly in rural areas.

Finally, living walls are an excellent addition to urban landscapes. Hermitage can beautify the clients own space to meet their expectations!


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